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Author: Miloslav Drtil

Substrate inhibition and pH effect on denitritation with granular biomass           91 96
Stanislava Kecskésová, Zuzana Imreová, Bibiána Kožárová, Ján Derco, Miloslav Drtil Vol. 12, No. 1
Alternative processes of nitrogen removal from wastewater — startup of nitritation reactor           70 73
Ngoc Cao Thanh Hong, Stanislava Vlčková, Miloslav Drtil Vol. 10, No. 1
Ozone utilisation in decreasing water sources load with resistant and toxic substances           65 69
Michal Melicher, Ján Derco, Lenka Sumegová, Miloslav Drtil Vol. 8, No. 1