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Whole grain cereal food in prevention of obesity

Lucia Mikušová *, Ernest Šturdík, Andrea Holubková

Department of Nutrition and Food Assessment, Institute of Biochemistry, Nutrition and Health Prevention, Faculty of Chemical and Food Technology, Slovak University of Technology, Radlinského 9, 812 37 Bratislava, Slovak Republic

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Abstract: Whole grain food is important part of human nutrition providing a wide range of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, phytosterols and other phytochemicals. Regular consumption of whole grain cereals is associated with decreased risk of cardiovascular disease, diabetes, colon cancer and obesity. Whole grain food and, especially, dietary fiber are drawing attention due to many potential benefits. They decrease weight, body-mass index, the waist circumference and waist-to-hip ratio by lowering the amount of accumulated body fat. There is lack of precise explanations of underlying mechanisms but it has been proven that the risk of obesity may be reduced by replacing of refined cereal sources with more whole grain, high-fiber and low glycaemic index food. Whole grain cereals and dietary fiber in particular enhance satiety, promote satiation, prolong gastric emptying time and slow nutrient absorption. Synergic effect of many beneficial components such as fiber, resistant starch and antioxidants may be responsible for slowing the rate of glucose absorption, delaying insulin release and blunting glycaemic response, what may influence weight management.

Keywords: whole grain foods, dietary fiber, overweight, obesity, prevention, satiation, satiety

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Acta Chimica Slovaca, Vol. 4, No. 1, 2011, pp. 95—114