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Computing Eccentric Connectivity Index of Nanostar Dendrimers

Sara Mehdipour, Mehdi Alaeiyan, Ali Nejati *

Department of Mathematics, Karaj Branch, Islamic Azad University, Karaj, Iran

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Abstract: Let G be a molecular graph, the eccentric connectivity index of G is defined as xc(G) = åu ÎV(G)deg(uecc(u), where deg(u) denotes the degree of vertex u and ecc(u) is the largest distance between u and any other vertex v of G, namely, eccentricity of u. In this study, we present exact expressions for the eccentric connectivity index of two infinite classes of nanostar dendrimers.

Keywords: eccentric connectivity index, nanostar dendrimers, topological index, eccentricity

Full paper in Portable Document Format: acs_0279.pdf

Acta Chimica Slovaca, Vol. 10, No. 2, 2017, pp. 96—100, DOI: 10.1515/acs-2017-0017