Acta Chimica Slovaca (ACS) publishes papers on fundamental and applied aspects of chemistry, biochemistry, chemical technology, chemical engineering and process control, biotechnology and food technology. Welcome are also topics which include chemical aspects of materials, physical chemistry and chemical physics, analytical chemistry, macromolecular chemistry and biomedical engineering.

Volume 12, Number 2 / 2019, Pages 163 – 240

Slovak natural zeolites as a suitable medium for antibiotics elimination from wastewater 163 167
Petra Szabová, Michaela Plekancová, Nikolas Gróf, Igor Bodík
Quantum-chemical studies of rutile nanoparticles toxicity I. Defect-free rod-like model clusters 168 174
Martin Breza, Peter Šimon
Growth of Staphylococcus aureus 2064 described by predictive microbiology: From primary to secondary models 175 181
Alžbeta Medveďová, Adriana Havlíková, Ľubomír Valík
3-Hydroxymethyl-1,4-dihydro-4-oxoquinoline like compound with promising biological and complexing activity 182 184
Viktor Milata, Maroš Bella, Robert Kurinec
Steam explosion of wood particles from fibreboard and particle board with indirect control by enzymatic hydrolysis 185 191
Andrej Pažitný
Application of milk thistle (Silybum marianum) in functional biscuits formulation 192 199
Veronika Bortlíková, Lukáš Kolarič, Peter Šimko
Selected in vitro Methods to Determine Antioxidant Activity of Hydrophilic/Lipophilic Substances 200 211
Aneta Ácsová, Silvia Martiniaková, Jarmila Hojerová
Antioxidant action of phenols: Revisiting theoretical calculations of their thermodynamics 212 217
Monika Biela, Bernadeta Pelikánová, Martin Michalík
Neural Network Based Explicit MPC for Chemical Reactor Control 218 223
Karol Kiš, Martin Klaučo
Corrigendum to: Thermal inactivation kinetics of Aspergillus oryzae β-galactosidase in concentrated lactose solution 224 224
Viera Illeová, Milan Polakovič
DFT and ab initio Calculations of Ionization Potentials, Proton Affinities and Bond Dissociation Enthalpies of Aromatic Compounds 225 240
Denisa Cagardová, Martin Michalík, Erik Klein, Vladimír Lukeš, Zoran Marković